This campaign celebrates individuals who have made a unique impact in the world.
8 incredible people with 8 honest, inspiring stories.

Together, we hope their bravery in sharing their stories can encourage us all to make a
positive impact on the people around us.

This is what BPerfect is all about; inclusivity, equal rights, empowerment and championing

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Logan's story is nothing short of inspirational - as a transgender man he became unexpectedly pregnant. Despite experiencing rampant transphobia, Logan began to share his story online and became a voice for the trans community. Logan is renowned for his children's book 'In My Daddy's Belly'. His wholesome story has educated many and has proved that 'it doesn't matter what your family looks like, as long as you are loved'.

Logan wears shade L4 of Full Impact.

Stephanie Barber (@BALDYLOXBOUTIQUE)

Stephanie's personal journey with Alopecia led to her creation of a bespoke wig company, Baldy Lox Boutique, to help empower other women like her dealing with hair loss whether through conditions like alopecia or from chemotherapy. Stephanie has worked tirelessly to challenge the stigma of hair loss and normalise wearing wigs, all whilst encouraging women to feel beautiful and confident with or without hair.

Stephanie is wearing shade M2 of Full Impact.

Evanjelin Francia Elchmanar (@EVANJELINFRANCIA)

Growing up, Evanjelin always had a passion for helping others and her kindness and genuine care for others grew with her. She dedicates a lot of her time to making the world a better place and has a particular interest in educating the younger generation in climate change, supporting small sustainable businesses and raising money for charity.

Evanjelin wears shade D4 of Full Impact.

Tilly Lockey (@TILLY.LOCKEY)

At just 15 months Tilly was diagnosed with meningitis and as a result, lost both her arms. She now has bionic arms and advocates for amputees all over the world. Not letting anything stop her from achieving her dreams, Tilly currently hosts her own show on Spark Radio Sunderland, has walked in London Fashion Week, travels the world as a motivational speaker, co-designs bionic arms and has now released her own debut single.

Tilly is wearing shade M1 of Full Impact.

Deborah Somorin (@DEBORAH_SOMORIN)

Growing up, Deborah Somorin faced homelessness, teenage pregnancy, and the tragic loss of her mother to suicide. Now, she's using her journey to help disadvantaged students succeed with Empower the Family - an organisation that provides accommodation and childcare to people in Ireland who might not otherwise be able to attend university. Deborah’s work in this area earned her a spot on the prestigious 2020 Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Deborah is wearing shade D4 in Full Impact.

Lara Dahusni (@LARA.DAHUNSI)

Lara is one of the few black female GAA players to play at a top level. She's a role model for not only women in sport, but a great representative for the Black and Irish community. In 2023, she was named in The Irish New's 'Ulster Allstars' team. As Ulster's standout ladies player, Lara is certainly making waves within the GAA space.

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A trailblazer, Kate was the first model with Down Syndrome signed in Northern Ireland. Her appearances in both London and Belfast Fashion Week paved a new path for the fashion industry and the Down Syndrome community. Kate was crowned champion in the Teen Ultimate Beauty of the World pageant in 2018, made a guest appearance on This Morning, and was awarded a British Empire Medal in the Queen's Birthday Honour List in 2021.

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Deirdre Grant (@MOMZ_A_WONDER)

Deirdre is Kate's mum, who has been an amazing support for her. Since she was born, Deirdre has worked tirelessly to advocate for Kate and get her the same opportunities as any other child. Deirdre's glass-half-full mentality has helped Kate break down barriers and has shown her that being different is beautiful. Deirdre has been a true inspiration to many parents and carers, and we can't wait to see what they do together next!

Deirdre wears shade M2 of Full Impact.