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YouTube ‘Carnival’ Look with Keilidh Cashell and Manny MUA

Flying the flag for Ireland…

Keilidh MUA is one of Ireland’s most well-known talents when it comes to makeup. Over the years she has continued to grow and develop her makeup skills which can now only be described as flawless. Most recently, she won a HUGE competition which presented her with a HUGE opportunity. Keilidh won the opportunity to fly over to the City of Angels, L.A to meet none other than Manny MUA one of the world’s most well-known makeup-artists.

This trip gave Keilidh the amazing opportunity to star in one of Manny’s videos on his YouTube channel. A platform on which he has over 5 million subscribers. Keilidh is a true credit to both herself and her home country of Ireland. We just want to congratulate her and say how proud we are of her. She is continuing to lead the way for aspiring makeup artists all over the world as well as creating an amazing online profile for herself.

So, how did Manny end up with our palette in his hands?

Keilidh luckily decided to bring the ‘Carnival’ palette along with her on her journey stateside.

Check out the full video in which Manny uses Keilidh’s very own makeup bag to create a full face look, which included our ‘Carnival’ eyeshadow palette. Thank you so much to Keilidh for having the palette in her makeup bag! We are sooo thrilled you let Manny use it and create an amazing look with it!!

You can watch the full video featuring both Keilidh and Manny just below. A video in what we can only describe as hilarious!!!

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