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What Lashes to Choose for your Eye Shape

We have recently launched our new range of Universal Lashes. This collection includes six beautiful styles for different occasions and different eye shapes. TODAY, we are going to show you what lashes would suit your eye shape to help you select the Perfect Pair for YOU!

eye lashes
Universal Lash Collection

Types of eye shapes:

There are generally five eye shapes that one person may fall into:

Hooded Eyes

The eye lid is set over the mobile lid. When looking straight forward, the skin above your crease is covering the mobile lid. Examples of famous celebrities with Hooded Eyes include: Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, and Blake Lively.

lashes for your eye shape

Almond Eyes

The eye lids themselves are visible in the centre of the lid, but the edges taper and recede outward creating, a pointed almond shape. Examples of famous celebrities with Almond Eyes include: Mila Kunis, Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba. Reference the picture below for further understanding.

lashes for your eye shape

Deep Set Eyes

The eye lids are receding back into the eye socket, creating an illusion of a protruding brow bone and the inner corner. The eye lid is visible while the outer corners are receding. Examples of famous celebrities with Deep Set Eyes include: Cameron Diaz, Sandra Bullock, and Julia Roberts.

lashes for your eye shape

Round Eyes

The eye has an overall round shape and the whites of the eyes are prominent and visible. The outer edges of the eyes are slightly convex in shape. Celebrities with Round Eyes include: Katy Perry, Emmy Rossum, and Kaley Cuoco.

lashes for your eye shape

Monolid Eyes

The eye lid is a flat vertical surface that is set on the face, rather than receding or protruding. When you look straight forward, the crease folds under creating a flat surface which is visible from the brow bone to the lash line. Examples of famous celebrities Monolid Eyes include: Sophia Loren, Lucy Liu and Sandra Oh.

lashes for your eye shape

Once you have identified your eye shape, we will asses which lashes would suit you most!

Let’s select Lashes for your Eye Shape!

Now that you have identified your eye shape, selecting the right lashes for you will be super easy and quick!

We have a selection of Six beautiful unique lashes! So lets have a look at which would suit you..


Meet SIGNS, she is more on the natural glam side, wispy and dispersed but SUPER effective. This style would suit anyone looking to open out their eye and create a doll eyed sultry effect. She will add Charisma and Glamour to any look.

Lashes for your eye shape
Signs £7.99/ €8.95

This style of lashes would suit all eye shapes, but particularly Monolid eyes, Hooded eyes, Almond eyes and Deep Set Eyes. By applying these lashes to any look it will make the eye space look bigger and while the fluttery finish of the lash itself still allows you to able to see your beautiful eyeshadow work behind the feathery lash.


Meet VIBES, She is more of the softer fluttery side and the lash is tapered from the inner corner outward, meaning the lashes are smaller on the inner corner and fan outward. She is ready to Razzle Dazzle any crowd!

Lashes for your eye shape
Vibes £7.99/ €8.95

This style lash would suit all eye shapes, but particularly Round set eyes, Deep set Eyes, and Hooded Eyes. This style lash will help lift and elongate the eyes creating a a winged out look, but also draw attention to the centre of the eye creating a bigger elegant eye space.


Meet INSPIRE, she is our natural lash. Perfect for anyone looking to add an extra bit of OOMPH to their glam. Or in our current situation through lockdown, if you are desperately missing your lash extensions, this is the gal for you!

Universal lashes
Inspire £7.99/ €8.95

Inspire can be worn by any eye shape as she is the icing on the cake to any look. Whether it is a natural glam day or a full glam night. These light weight lashes will SPICE UP your Makeup ANYTIME.


Meet POWER, my personal favourite. She is full glam, sexy and POWERFUL which is why they had to call her Power. This lash is perfect for anyone who is looking to add Fire to their look.

lashes for your eye shape
Power £7.99/ €8.95

This style lash would suit Deep Set Eyes, Round Eyes, Almond Eyes and Monolid Eyes. The fuller effect will draw more attention to the eye creating the illusion of a bigger eye space. Power was created for the full glam QUEENS, to add the spice and PAZAZZ to your makeup.


Meet ACHIEVE, our Wispy lash, the most versatile lash in our collection. This lash is perfect for any eye shape. She is ideal for anyone looking to add length and volume and a glimmer of glamour.

Universal lashes
Achieve £7.99/ €8.95

This style lash would suit anyone, she is a two in one lash whether your looking to add length or volume she will give you both! While keeping a soft sultry vibe. By also being tapered in shape, she will lift the eyes on the outer corner so with every blink you become more irresistible!


Meet FOCUS, she is a step up from Achieve in the sense that she has extra volume. A TRIPLE THREAT, Volume, length and an extra bit of volume! She is the perfect way to add that final glaze to any look.

lashes for your eye shape
Focus £7.99/ €8.95

As Focus has that extra bit of added volume, this style lash would suit Deep Set Eyes, Almond Eyes, Hooded Eyes and Monolid Eyes. She will lift and open the eye with her flirtatious wispiness and tempting volume. While wearing Focus you are guaranteed to steal the show!

We hope this helps and you now know what lashes to choose for you eye shape!

And remember there are no rules in makeup, Just Guidelines! Feel free to try any of these lash styles whether they have been recommend to your eye shapes or not. As makeup is personal preference, so YOU DO YOU BOO!

lashes for your eye shape

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