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10 Second Tan – Medium Coconut – Liquid

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Take centre stage with BPerfect 10 Second Tan. Get a gorgeous glow in seconds with this new instant tanning formula that works with your skin’s natural tones to create the perfect colour for you.

The 10 Second Tan is a liquid non-streak formula that is easy to apply (spray bottle), quick-drying, gradual fade up to 5 days. Lightly scented with soft notes of coconut.

For best results apply using BPerfect Double Sided Tanning Mitt. 

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Tips and Tricks

Prepare the skin (the day before): Buff away dead skin cells.

On the day of tanning: Remove perfumed products and body lotions. Apply on fresh dry skin.

For best results: Spray tan directly onto mitt using 3-4 squirts of the spray. Apply quickly in round circular motions as tan is quick drying.

For darker results – apply an extra coat.

Showering – leave at least 8 hours. Pat dry!

Removal – Allow tan to fade naturally over 3-5 days. For stubborn tan marks exfoliate gently. Or combine with BPerfect Self Tan Eraser.

To prolong – Top up every 3-5 days.



Additional information

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Dimensions 20 × 5 × 5 cm

Aqua, Dihydroxyacetone, Ethoxydiglycol, Mono Propylene Glycol, Glycerine, Aloe Barbendensis, (Aloe Vera), DMDM Hydantoin, Polysorbate 20, Tocopherol, Retinyl Palmitate Parfum, CI16035, C19140, CI42090, Erythrulose, Amyl Cinnamal, Benzyl Benzoate, Benzyl Salicylate, Geraniol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Butylphenyl Methyibropional, Limonene, Linalool

40 reviews for 10 Second Tan – Medium Coconut – Liquid

  1. Nichola Cullen (verified owner)

    Excellent product that gives even my #casper complexion a gorgeous & natural tan! Wears off really well would highly recommend

  2. Nichola Cullen (verified owner)

    Excellent product that gives even my #casper complexion a gorgeous & natural tan! Wears off really well would highly recommend

  3. Emma McCabe (verified owner)

    Love Bperfrct products. Have wanted to try this tan for ages. Smells amazing, easy to work with. Fab colour. Would definitely buy again.

  4. Denise (verified owner)

    Simply the best fake tan around!! The most natural finish and easiest applied tan around!!
    Dries so quick I can put a white tip on after!!

  5. Laura Donohoe (verified owner)

    My friend recommended b perfect tan and it is now my favourite tan. I love that it is quick drying and the colour starts developing instantly and I have dark dan within hours. IT also has no nasty smells. LOVE IT!!

  6. Amber beasley (verified owner)

    Best tan I’ve ever used so good and is amazing for my skin considering it’s really dry!

  7. Claire Cooley

    Absolutely love this tan!! So easy to apply, great colour and smells amazing!! I am a fan for life!!

  8. Bernie

    Excellent tan lovely colour and what I love is you can apply and GO! no stickyness or colour transfer onto clothes and lovely smell have to say the best tan I have ever used!! Amazing x

  9. Lauren

    Absolutely love this tan! Best I have tried in a long time, definitely want to try some of the bperfect products now 😍

  10. Sharon irvine

    Amazing!! Really does dry in seconds and I love how it fades naturally and doesn’t all break up. So many compliments on my tan 💜

  11. jacquiemc46 (verified owner)

    I have to say this is by far the best fake tan I have ever used, goes on so easily, dries in seconds, no horrible smell, no transfer to clothes, looks so natural and wears off so nicely no scrubbing for hours trying to remove it, I just love it and have recommended it to so many of my family & friends 🙂

  12. Vikki

    Love it ! I have vitiligo so am always searching for something to help blend in my white patches, and I find this works really well. Have you ever thought about contacting the UK Vitiligo Society, I am sure they would be interested and could possibly do an article on you? (Don’t forget who suggested that 😉 )

    • BrendanMcdowell

      Hi Vikki

      Delighted you love our tan and it works for you, thanks for the lovely comment,something we will keep in mind for 2018

  13. Veronica

    love this tan, natural, easy to apply. Really happy with it.

    • BrendanMcdowell

      Thanks Veronica

      Delighted you like it and thanks for your comment

  14. Aisling M (verified owner)

    The best tan I’ve ever used. No streaks, no smell and lasts for almost a week. Also extremely quick to use and very natural looking.

  15. Lisa Egan (verified owner)

    The only tan I use . Even used it on my wedding day . Every time I wear it people are always asking what tan I have on and where I purchased it . It’s really natural looking so easy to apply and doesn’t smell or stain my sheets . Highly recommend this product 100%well done lads on such a great product .i 1st purchased my tan and came across your product Jan 2016 in rds wedding showcase . In love

  16. Emma Short (verified owner)

    Love the tan very easy to apply, no nasty smell and a very natural colour. Even better doesn’t come off on the sheets 😊

  17. Lorraine Schofield

    This is the most Amazing fake tan product I’ve ever had! I bought it from the Bperfect stall whilst attending the professional beauty north event last year. It’s so easy to apply (comes with a mitt) doesn’t smell awful, beautiful coverage and colour and it lasts for days!! Highly recommend

  18. Lyn Holmes

    Lovely sales lady talked me in to trying the tan. At the Great Yorkshire Show.. ( I’m not one for tanning products). After seeing the result.. I went back to the stand and purchased a bottle!!! Very impressed… now I am sporting a lovely tan and the envy of my office!! Will be buying again… Thank you.

    • AnnMcdowell

      Thanks Lyn for your lovely comment, delighted you love you tan.

  19. Claire

    Bought for first time last week! Best tan I have ever used, light when applying and very quick drying! I got a good week out of one application before being noticeably patchy and having to go at with exfoliating gloves! Reapplied last night 🙂 so impressed I’ve just added the brow kit to my basket!!

    • AnnMcdowell

      Thanks Claire for your purchase and lovely comment, happy tanning

  20. Charlotte

    Literally best tan I’ve ever used and I’ve tried them all!!!! Colour lasts full 5 days and looks like spray tan. Didn’t go patchy in the slightest either! So so SO impressed with this stuff I love it!!!!

    • AnnMcdowell

      Thanks Charlotte for your feed back on our tan, delighted you love it as much as we do

  21. Jill

    Litterly the best tan I have ever used… goes on so smooth and lasts for days.. I don’t often go without tan but I’ve always had trouble finding one that wears of in any way decent.. this one does everything it says on the tin and I would recommend everyone to try this at least once (I know u will all go back to it 😀)… now all I need is someone to invent a back applicator cause my boyfriend is away with his job for a few months 😑.. that’s bperfect 😀 you guys rock xxx

  22. Gillian Johnston

    Wonderful product … it gives you such a beautiful tanned glow.
    I usually get a spray tan before I go on holiday (as I dislike the ageing effects of the sun) but I had no time to get this done so I threw the 10 Second Tan bottle in my suitcase.
    I applied it half way through my holiday simply because life is busy with kids etc… well wow it’s amazing!!! I only wish I’d applied it at the start of my holiday as it is such a lovely product and dries mega quick with no sticky feeling on the skin.
    Absolutely love this product. A +++
    Would recommend to all.

  23. Ann-Marie neill

    Wohhhh. Best tan I have ever used. Product fantastic. Skin smells amazing . No streaks. Would surely recommend this product to everyone . I surely can’t wait try other products on sale mascara next . Thank u bperfect this surely does what it says on the tin .. now have buy back application. As I struggle get my back done . Thank u 5 stars x

  24. RKelly

    Only had a quick demo on my arm today in the chemist…the colour def developed over the day and I really liked the colour.I will go back to purchase a bottle.☺

  25. Deborah-Anne (verified owner)

    I’m in love, just used my BPerfect 10 second tan for the first time and it is soooo good it’s easy to put on, quick drying and no there are streaks! I’d rarely put on tan as I could never get it right this one want me to wear it all the time!! Highly recommend

  26. Claire

    I purchased BPerfect original tan 5 days ago and wanted to wait a few days since using before leaving a review. What can I say except BPerfect tan is the perfect tan!! Quick and foolproof to apply, 5 days later and my skin is still glowing and tanned, showing absolutely no signs of flaking or patchyness. Thank you BPerfect tan for creating a product that I now can’t live without 🙂

  27. Sarah (verified owner)

    This is a must have product. I love this tan. I have fair skin, this ran develops into a really natural looking colour and there is no fake smell of it which is just the icing on the cake. It wears of evenly. This tan is for evertone it is so easy to put on evenly and never comes off on clothes. 5 star product

  28. Andrea (verified owner)

    Amazing. I love this product. So easy to apply, and smells fantastic. Wares off so easily, no silly patches left. I have recommended it to many friends, only thing I didn’t like was the mitt. The fibers were coming off onto my skin but that small negative comment is nothing to do with the tan. It is hands down the best tan I’ve ever used and love the fact that its produced locally 🙂

  29. Naomi Gibson

    This tan is simply amazing. I have used every tan out there and spent a lot on spray tans. This is like a spray tan in a bottle. It smells gorgeous goes on easily and wears really really well. I apply it every week and always receive compliments. The spray bottle is quick and easy to use and it dries almost instantly. I can almost do my own back as well because of the spray but have to have a bit of help with reaching the middle of my back! I have been using this tan for almost a year and wouldn’t dream of using any other tan now. I love it!! Thank you!

  30. Emily (verified owner)

    Don’t usually leave reviews but had to with this tan – like a lot of other people I’ve tried what feels like every tan: gradual, bondi sands, stTropez and it always looks like a false tan plus the smell gives it away even though most claim to not have ‘that’ smell. After reading reviews I bought this and it really lives up to its reputation. Streak free, easy to apply and lasts without becoming patchy after showering.
    Not sure how you’ve done it Bperfect but great product! Gone from an avid sunbed user (after giving up on fake tans) to being more than content with a false one. Also quick delivery time to Vienna! Thank you!

  31. Niamh (verified owner)

    I purchased this product online and unfortunately I am disappointed as after leaving dry for 10 minutes it still came off on my clothes and after the 1st shower it needed to be reapplied. On your blog she says to wash off, is this a requirement?
    The colour comes up lovely and doesn’t streak, was hoping it was the answer for up and coming wedding but nothing worse than been able to see tan on seams of clothes 🙁

    • bperfectadmin

      Hi Niamh

      The tan works different on everyone depending on their pigmentation. There should be little to 0 transfer on clothing, if you do see anything on your clothes then your best to apply the night before and shower the next morning, this will also give plenty of time to let the tan develop more on your skin over night. If you want to be extra dark for the wedding allow the first coat to dry and apply another. The tan should last 3-5 days but again it depends on your skin type. Are you quite pale? If you need anymore tips please feel free to call me Brendan 07821054681

      Thanks Brendan

  32. Jaime

    I purchased at the National wedding fair in Birmingham. The lady who was there was so helpful as I was considering a spray tan for my wedding day, she showed me this product and told me I wouldn’t be disapointed. I’ve never really been able to tan that well it’s always been streaky but I barely even try with this product and I never have streaky marks. It’s the easiest tanning product I have used and given me the best results. I can’t recommend this product enough! Can’t wait to use it on my wedding day! Thankyou

    • bperfectadmin

      Hi Jaime

      Thanks for your lovely comment.

      Hope you have a wonderful day.



  33. Amanda Gray (verified owner)

    I ordered this two days ago and it arrived already! I absolutely love it, it goes on so so easy and light and dries pretty much instantly. I’m naturally very pale so I struggle to find a tan that doesn’t make me look orange, but this one has left me a beautiful bronze! I’ll definetely be buying it again once it is finished 🙂 highly recommend!

  34. Julie

    I bought this product at the last “Ideal Home Exhibition” in Manchester. Was a bit dubious about applying it myself but it is great. Best tan ever. Only drawback was when i bought the product at the show they didnt have enough of the mitts that they applied the product with so had to buy one from Boots but it’s not the same quality and doesn’t soak up the bronzer the same. Would deffo reccommend the product though!!

  35. Amanda

    This is without doubt the best tan I have ever purchased. I am very pale skinned & any other self tans I have tried have always turn out blotchy or orange. The back area is always tricky so I use a long handle back brush & attached the applicator to it to do this area. Just like it says 10 seconds to dry & am ready to go out without having to wait on it to develop & you don’t get awful fake tan smell like you do with other brands. I have recommended this product to my family & friends. I will be definately be sticking with this brand as it’s the best around. If I could give it 10 stars I would!!

  36. Lyn

    Absolutely fantastic product, first time I used it I loved the colour it gave me, very natural, no smell, easy to apply and no streaks, didn’t rub off onto my clothes. Would definitely recommend. Great Product

  37. Michelle

    Absolutely the best purchase I’ve ever made with regards to a tanning product. It lasts so long, there’s no horrible tan smell following application and leaves no streaks. Always get compliments when I wear it, definitely recommend ! Great buy !!

  38. Michelle

    Possibly the best tan I’ve ever used, there’s no horrible tan smell that follows application, streak free and lasts so long !! 100% the best purchase I’ve ever made with regards to a tan !! Highly recommend.

  39. M Dolan

    Amazing does exactly what it says on the tin lol I mean bottle love it & the compliments I get are very nice too ?

  40. Eve

    This is a genuine review ! I have fair skin, have tried many self tans, they smell, are patchy and don’t last. This is fantastic, very easy to apply, lasts extremely well, doesnt wash off, and is the ONLY one I will repeat buy. You apply with mitt, for back I secured mitt on a bath brush with an elastic band applying in circles and that worked fine. The girl who originally sold it to me said ‘once you use this you wont use anything else’ and I thought ‘oh yeah’? But I would recommend people to try it as it certainly does work for me and I don’t want to be without it.

    • bperfectadmin

      Hi Eve

      Thank you very much for your lovely comment, delighted you are so happy with your purchase, please post your comment on our face book page and when you are placing you next order contact Ann on 07711521733 and we will give you 10% ofF.



      • bperfectadmin

        Hi Eve

        Ann here from B Perfect Cosmetics,

        On you next order I will also include a back appliance that you do not need the use of a sponge or elastic bands, (free of charge). Thanks for your lovely comment and order

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