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Sensorium – The Shimmer

0 out of 5

The Shimmer is a unique formula designed to replace the traditional layering of wet gloss on the skin.

Allowing you to mimic the sparkling effect of water on the skin without disrupting your base.


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Sensorium – Chapter One Palette

5.00 out of 5

Welcome to Chapter One.

29 Pure Pigment Matte Shades, 7 Transformative Shimmers, 1 Diverse Colour Book

Designed by Consumers. Finished by Alexis Stone.

$55.95 $23.00

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Sensorium – Brow Engineer

4.75 out of 5

Sensorium Brow Engineer is the ultimate paint that enables you to not only lighten, enhance or remove your brows in a new way unseen before but can be used to cut the crease, brow and conceal with its setting formula and highly pigmented coverage.