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Polished London - BPerfect Cosmetics
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Polished London Activated Charcoal mouthwash contains natural ingredients which work together to create a detoxifying solution that helps remove stains, bad breath and leaves your mouth feeling fresh.

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The specially formulated Polished London mouthwash AloeWhite has been designed using the finest naturally derived pure ingredients that help neutralise bad breath bacteria. This incredibly effective mouthwash soothes and relieves the gums whilst leaving the mouth extra “minty” and naturally clean.


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Polished London – Bamboo Toothbrush

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The Polished London planet-friendly Bamboo Toothbrush has been lovingly designed to deliver the same great cleaning as a normal plastic brush, but with the benefit of being biodegradable, Panda-friendly, vegan-friendly and kind to our oceans.

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The Polished London whitening and oral care collection is the perfect gift, featuring the award-winning Teeth Whitening Strips, Whitening Powder, Toothpaste Tablets and Bamboo Toothbrush. Each product has been lovingly designed and specially formulated to be kind to teeth and gums, safe, effective and easy to use.

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Containing high concentrations of the latest in safe, scientifically proven ingredients, the Rejuvenating Tooth Serum helps restore enamel, remineralise teeth and reduce sensitivity.

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The Polished London Gel Refills are designed for use with the LED Teeth Whitening Kit, using an enamel-safe, peroxide-free PAP formula that has been developed and tested by UK dentists to provide an effective whitening treatment with zero sensitivity.


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Polished London – Teeth Whitening Kit

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Get an irresistibly white smile with the award-winning, clinically-proven, peroxide-free and zero sensitivity Polished London teeth whitening kit, combining active whitening ingredient PAP with advanced LED Dual Light Technology.

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Safe, effective and easy to use, the Polished London Teeth Whitening Powder has been specially formulated using the latest innovative ingredients to help remove stubborn stains and leave a smooth, fresh, dentist-clean feel.

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Get the smile you’ve always wanted and enjoy the confidence it brings with the Polished London Teeth Whitening Strips.


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Polished London – Toothpaste Tablets

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Peppermint toothpaste tablets that give you a dentist-clean finish and are kind to the planet! With added fluoride protection and SLS free these easy to use tablets are the perfect, eco-conscious alternative to traditional toothpaste.

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Exclusively developed by leading UK cosmetic dentists, the award-winning Polished London glistening silver Whitening Paste and unique Mouth Cleanse delivers the most luxurious dual whitening and oral care experience, with results that you’ll want to share!

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The Polished London Ultra White Toothpaste has been exclusively formulated by UK Dentists using the latest, most innovative ingredients to deliver brighter, whiter, healthier teeth and gums, fabulously fresh breath and zero sensitivity.