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Glov – Makeup Removal Comfort Gloves

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The Comfort makeup remover has a large surface for precise removal of heavier makeup. The 4 corners will allow you to remove makeup from the corners of the eye, and the larger surface will ensure that the skin is clean.

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The On-the-go glove removes make-up using only water. Safe for all skin types, it doesn’t sensitise, irritate, or leave redness on the skin.

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The Quick Treat glove is perfect for quick correction during makeup application. Simply wet the glove with water and gently remove any unwanted makeup without ruining the larger surface.

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These reusable and delicate Heart Pads are ideal for cleansing all skin types, even the most sensitive or irritation-prone skin; and their unique shape makes it possible to remove makeup from hard-to-reach places.


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Switch up your cleansing routine with these delicate reusable pack of 5 Moon Pads, which are environmentally friendly. What’s not to love?

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These Moon Pads are an environmentally friendly way to change up your cleansing routine, which also come in 100% biodegradable eco-packaging.