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Meet Matte! Golden Hour Glow

Matte? Who’s that? 😉

You might remember a few months back we released our REVOLUTIONARY Golden Hour Glow Illuminating Instant Tan. It was an instant hit!

We had such amazing reviews from our customers, many branding it as a ‘game changer!’

And WOW! It definitely did change the game!

What’s the worst thing about living in the UK? The weather!

What’s worse than that? When you’ve applied a fresh layer of tan and it rains. NIGHTMARE! You end up turning up at the club with patchy tan, orange stained clothing and MISERABLE!

With Golden Hour Glow – you don’t have to worry about that! Just look at this before and after from Aoibhe Devlin! She poured water on her freshly applied leg and voila – no patches!

Did someone say… WATER RESISTANT?!

The main bit of feedback we got from the Illuminating version, was how water resistant it was! People even tested it out on their social media by spraying water on themselves and wiping it away with a clean cloth. And guess what – the cloth was STILL CLEAN! You can see our girl Chloe Marie’s tutorial here.

However, one thing we heard back from our customers – was that some of them would prefer a less ‘illuminating’ version. Soooo, MEET MATTE!

We know how much some of you BPerfect babes love a matte bronzed look, that’s why we’ve created our new Golden Hour Glow Matte Instant Tan!

Hey there, Matte!

Just like the original, it’s super easy to apply and a little of the rich crème formula goes a looooong way!

Not only does the skin perfecting coverage act like your fav insta filter, the revolutionary ultra water resistant formula means it also stays perfect for up to 24 hours! Whaaaat!

The Matte version of Golden Hour Glow is just as water resistant – the only difference is the finish.

You guys are LOVING it so far – just check out this glowing review from Sophie MUA!

You can purchase the Golden Hour Glow range online NOW for only £14.99!