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Get Indestructi’Brows with BPerfect!

Are you ready to say GOODBYE to sparse, boring brows?! Of course you are! Meet your NEW Secret WeaponIndestructi’Brow brow pencil! The only brow product you’ll need in your kit.

You may remember our cult fav Semi Permanent Brow Kits which last up to 24 hours. Yup, 24 HOURS!

Well, we’ve came up with a brand new formula – in pencil form!

Indestructi’Brow comes with a spoolie brush on one end to brush brows and prep for application. The other end, has a retractable nib to take away the effort of sharpening it!

The pencil is very thin which allows you create hair like strokes to shape, define and fill in your brows. We are obsessed!

Indestructi’Brow is Indestructible!

The best thing about Indestructi’Brow? It’s Smudge Proof, Sweat Proof and LIFE Proof!

Once you apply the product, it ain’t moving until you want it to! You can go about your day to day life and you’ll have brows that SLAY and STAY all day!

It comes in 4 shades to suit any hair colour:

  • Brown – Best suited to blonde & medium brown hair
  • Dark Brown – Warm blonde, dark brown hair
  • Irid Brown – Blonde & brown hair with red undertones
  • Charcoal – Silver, ash blonde, dark brown & black hair

The results speak for themselves.. I mean, just look at the difference it can make!

Indestructi’Brow is the ideal brow tool to fill out your brows as natural or as defined as you like! The thin, highly pigmented pencil makes it super easy to create hair-like strokes, perfect for filling in any sparseness you have in your brows.

The best bit – The price! At ONLY £7.99, how can you say no?

Indestructi’Brow is now available to purchase on our website here!

Make sure you tag us in your pictures when you try it for yourself because we love to see results! @bperfectcosmetics #indestructibrow #bperfectcosmetics