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Get a Golden Hour Glow tan.. In an Instant!

Have you met the newest addition to the 10 Second Tan family yet? Golden Hour Glow Illuminating Instant Tan!

It’s been a hot minute since BPerfect Cosmetics released a new tanning product. Who remembers our cult favourite, Strawberry Tanning Mousse? Well, Golden Hour Glow is sure to be another staple product!

It Makes ‘BPerfect’ Sense!

Whether we like it or not, winter has arrived and the sun has gone back into hibernation for a few months. So it made ‘BPerfect’ sense to bring out a product that would give you a tan, in an instant! It’s the perfect time to get your hands on some Golden Hour Glow!

Golden Hour Glow will give you a gorgeous sun kissed look in an instant – fake it, don’t bake it!

The rich créme formula gives a bronzed and radiant finish – think, 10 Second Tan mixed with Golden Glow Body Shimmer. GORGEOUS, right?!

It also provides skin perfecting coverage, which means that you no longer have to worry about imperfections on your skin – we’ve got you covered, literally! And the best bit? It’s EXTREMELY water resistant and with the unpredictable weather, this is VERY important for those Christmas nights out!

Golden Hour Glow Illuminating Instant tan is SUPER easy to apply! The formula is so easy to blend on the skin and doesn’t leave streaks! It’s fast drying, so you can literally apply it just before you get dressed for a night out and you don’t have to worry about it rubbing off on your clothes. Did someone say transfer resistant?!

We haven’t even mentioned the best bit yet… It’s TROPICAL scented!

Influencer Approved!

If you’re a BPerfect faithful, you’ll know that all of our 10 Second Tan products are fruity scented. So this ‘Tropical’ addition to the family is welcomed with open arms! The BPerfect fam have been LOVING it – check out this tutorial from our girl, Gabrielle Morrison!

Golden Hour Glow Illuminating Instant Tan is the must have product this winter and is sure to make those last minute night outs, a lot less stressful!

And all for ONLY £17.99!

For best results: 

Apply small, pea sized amounts on the BPerfect Tanning Mitt and apply to desired area in long circular motions until blended.

TOP TOP: Apply to the face and neck using a foundation brush for that all over, instant glow. Check out Laura B’s in depth tutorial to see the magic happen!