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Get Ready with Ellie Kelly – Full face of BPerfect Cosmetics

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We LOVE a full face of BPerfect Cosmetics products – especially if it’s on Ellie Kelly!

A few weeks ago, THEE Ellie Kelly popped on our Instagram stories to bring you what you had all been asking for – a full tutorial using all of your FAV BPerfect products. Lucky for you, we’ve added this to our YouTube channel where you can Get Ready with Ellie Kelly and follow her step-by-step tutorial!

We’re going to break down her routine for you so grab your BPerfect products, a cuppa and get ready!

Step 1: Brows on Fleek

Ellie starts off with our cult fav Indestructi’brow Brow Pencil in shades Irid Brown and Charcoal. She personally likes to use the Charcoal shade on the tail end of her brow to give it more definition. She then takes the shade Irid Brown to fill in the front of her brow with hair like strokes.

Top Tip: Using two shades allows you to create an ombre effect on your brow and gives it a more natural look. However, if you don’t have two shades – just use a lighter hand when filling in the front of your brown and apply more pressure at the tail end.

Did you know that we offer MUA Bundle Deals on the Indestructi’brow pencils? You can grab *all 4 shades for only £23.95! Or £7.99 each. Shop here.

Step 2: It’s Prime Time!

Now to carve those brows!

Did you know our Perfect Prime Eyeshadow Priming Base can also be used to carve out the brows? The beauty with makeup is that you can experiment and do what you want with it!

Ellie loves to use Perfect Prime to carve out her brows – the peachy undertone is perfect for brightening the brow bone and the creamy consistency makes it suuuuper easy to work with and get a defined brow!

She then takes the product all of her eyeids to prep her eyes for shadow!

We also have an amazing MUA Bundle Offer on Perfect Prime as we KNOW it’s a cult fav in the makeup community. You can get *4 Perfect Prime’s for only £29.99, or £9.99 each! Shop here.

Step 3: That Glow Tho!

Now on to one of Ellie’s FAV steps in her makeup routine – highlighter!

Ellie has always been a big fan of our MMMMitchell Sub Zero Palette, and this time is no different! She mixes the shades ‘Made It’ and ‘Lifestyle’ and highlights the high points of her face – cheekbones, tip and bridge of her nose, cupids bow, forehead and her chin!

We also have a full run through and demo of the palette by MMMMitchell himself, that you can watch here.

You can grab Sub Zero for only £24.99 online now!

Step 4: All Eyes on Ellie!

We are POSITIVE you’ve heard of this next product.. The BPerfect Cosmetics x Makeup with Jah Clientele Palette! You can create any look with this palette – from soft everyday eyes to full on Saturday night glam!

Ellie starts off with the shade ‘Brownie’ and blends it into her outer corner.

Top Tip: Place your shadows down first and THEN go in with a blending brush to blend them out. This helps you to keep control of where you want the shadows to go.

She then goes in with ‘Sandy’ – a lighter brown shade to blend out the edges of the first shadow using small circular motions.

Take a smaller blending brush and dip into the shades ‘Too Much’ and ‘Just Black’ to deepen the crease and lashline!

Still not convinced you NEED this palette? Why not take a look at this review by Glamity Jane.

You can grab now grab it for *ONLY £42 along with the Clientele Pigments – it’s a deal you don’t want to miss! Shop here.

Step 5: Time to Cut the Crease!

Ellie coats a flat packer brush with Perfect Prime and stamps out her crease rather than drag as it’s easier to control.

Top Tip: Stamp the product on your lid and then look up – you’ll see that some product will stamp above your crease – this shows you how high you should be taking your cut crease.

She then goes in with a clean blending brush to blend the edge of the concealer out to get rid of any harsh lines.

Step 6: Blend it Out!

Take the shade ‘Jah Jah’ to blend out the edge of the concealer to get a seamless blend.

‘Ashaa’ is the perfect nude shade to set any primer – take this with a clean packer brush and set your base!

For underneath the eye, Ellie takes the shadows ‘Sandy’ and ‘Brownie’ and blends them out – along with ‘Pink Rose’ in the inner corner. We are LIVING!

Step 7: Lashes that are Out of this World!

Ellie preps her lashes with Bad Llama Mascara which adds DRAMATIC LENGTH and INTENSE VOLUME to lashes! It’s the perfect formula to use alongside false lashes as it has a buildable consistency so doesn’t clump up.

She then goes in with our brand new Universal Lashes in the style ‘Signs’ – a fluffy, feathered and dramatic lash!

Top Tip: Before applying glue to the lash, make sure to measure it against your own eye shape in case you need to trim it slightly. Doing this will help make the application easier. Leave the glue to go a little bit tacky and they should just go right on with a pair of tweezers! Using these gives you a bit more control over where you place it.

Check out Aine Knocker’s Universal Lashes try on haul so you can decide what lashes you’d like to go for. Can’t decide? You can now grab 3 for 2 on ANY Universal Lash styles! *adds all to basket*

Step 8: The Perfect Pout!

Ellie moves on to her very own collaboration with BPerfect Cosmetics – Ellie Kelly Born Ready Lip Kits! These kits include a lip liner, lipstick and high-shine gloss and comes in three essential shades: Boo, Cheeky and Secret!

Today’s shade of choice: Boo! A perfect nude with pinky beige undertones.

Top Tip: Ellie loves to start out with a dark lip liner to create a more fuller lip effect. ‘Secret’ is a stunning warm mocha brown, so it would be perfect to use alongside Boo lipstick!

The gold-infused gloss that comes in all of the lipkits, is a personal fav of Ellie’s as well as everyone else who’s tried it! It’s a super comfortable formula and gives you a long-lasting glossy look! OBSESSED!

Check out this review on HiStyle Diary for a full run through of the shades!

And guess what? You can grab them for *ONLY £10 each! An absolute bargain! Shop here.

The Finished Look!

How stunning is the final look? We are LOVING it! It’s super easy to recreate and the perfect soft glam look for those days that you don’t want to go crazy with colour.

Why not try and recreate it yourself? Head over to our YouTube channel to watch the full tutorial and if you try it at home, make sure you tag us @bperfectcosmetics! We LOVE to see your looks.

You can shop the look here.

*These offers were valid at time of posting. However these are subject to change.

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