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Carnival Palette Look book

After launching just over a month ago, the BPerfect Stacey Marie ‘Carnival’ Palette has gone global!

You guys have been super busy creating so insane looks! The palette has been reaching all corners of the world including Australia as well as North and South America!! We are SO overwhelmed – we can’t thank you enough!

As a result, the looks that have been created by the palette have been gorgeous and we have loved watching each and every single one of you be creative in your own unique way with it! From subtle, natural eyes to eye-pooping colourful carnival looks, we have seen it all!

In the hands of the worlds top makeup artists…

Yup, you read that right…

We can’t believe that some of the world’s top Makeup artists, including ‘Manny MUA‘ a world-famous YouTuber with over 5 million subscribers have got their hands on our palette! Check him out above alongside some amazing makeup artists from all across the world who have used the palette to create these flawless looks. It’s been so refreshing to see so many young up-and-coming MUA’s who have also got their hands on the palette and are using it to showcase their talents to the world. Manny used our palette during a video with Ireland’s very own Keildh MUA. A true superstar and talent who is taking the makeup world by storm one jaw dropping look at a time. You can watch Manny create his look with the palette right here on his YouTube channel!

Don’t worry, if you haven’t grabbed your very own palette yet, it’s still available to purchase right here. Go on, do it – you know you want to! Create your own amazing carnival look with our highly pigmented palette. It’s never too late to join the party!

Check out below some more incredible looks created using the palette. The talent displayed here is INSANE! The BPerfect Stacey Marie ‘Carnival’ Palette truly is an all-round palette which can be used in achieving any type of look you may want!

Make sure to check out all of these amazing artists on their Instagram pages which have all been tagged above!

Our favourite thing is seeing all the looks created with the palette, so keep them coming and make sure you tag us in all of your pictures @bperfectcosmetics and using the official hashtag #CarnivalPalette. We have also loved reading all the blog posts you guys have been making about the palette sharing your honest reviews. Here’s an amazing post by Olivia McVeigh – click here to read