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Brendan McDowell EY Entrepreneur of the year finalist.

Today, Monday 15th of June EY has announced their selected finalists for Entrepreneur of the Year Ireland Programme. This award is the World Largest Entrepreneur’s Award. The selection was narrowed down from hundreds of nominees to 8 finalists. In which Brendan was nominated within the Emerging Category. This nomination represents a huge acknowledgement of all Brendans achievements thus far.

EY Entrepreneur of the year

EY Entrepreneur of the year.

From 100’s of nominations, Brendan was selected and shortlisted into a group of 24 prestigious nominees, who have all rightly earned a spot. This group was subdivided into three categories:

  • Emerging Category
  • Industry Category
  • International Category

From each of the three categories one winner will be selected this coming November for the EY Entrepreneur of the year.

The Emerging Category.

The category within the EY Entrepreneur of the year in which Brendan has been nominated for defines him perfectly. Brendan is an ambitious and innovative entrepreneur who has never failed to impress his loyal customers when creating a product.

BPerfect Cosmetics was born in 2012 and has taken the world by storm. With every step forward Brendan takes, BPerfect is sent leaps and bounds ahead of the game. Of course over this time period Brendan has acquired a few more huge successful brands which are the on up and up alongside BPerfect Cosmetics. To name a few, Voduz Hair, and Mrs Glam by Michelle.

Throughout Brendan’s monumental career so far, he has demonstrated such creativity and resourcefulness when creating products. It is safe to say in anything Brendan does he is ALWAYS the one to watch.

What it means to be selected as EY Entrepreneur of the year.

This nomination recognises the immense impact Brendan’s BPerfect Cosmetics has had in terms of innovation, economic growth and job creation all over Ireland.

The central theme within the EY Entrepreneur of the year this is is the Unstoppablesthose entrepreneurs who overcome seemingly impossible obstacles to innovate, grow and succeed in building world class businesses both here and internationally.

Brendan is the embodiment of this definition. He has worked through some incredible difficulties to build the empire that has come to be the world renowned BPerfect Cosmetics. This wouldn’t have been possible without those experience, but also his ability to thrive and prevail in everything he lays his hand upon.


We want wish Brendan the Best of Luck!

We are so proud here at BPerfect Cosmetics to work alongside Brendan. Brendan is always one step ahead of the game and we hope his innovation creativity and fearlessness is recognised when the finalists of his category are put to the next rude.

Congratulations Brendan on being nominated for EY Entrepreneur of the year. You deserve the recognition more than anyone and we want to wish you the Best of luck in awards!