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BPerfect Semi Permanent Eyebrow Kit reviewed by Irish Beauty Blogger ‘The Insider Daily’

Review | BPerfect Semi-Permanent Brows*

Since my obsession with achieving perfect brows began, I’ve been adding more & more brow products to my every-day makeup routine. Someday’s I’ll use a gel, cream and powder product together to fill in my brows and it’s starting to become very time-consuming – #FirstWorldProblems I know!

The beauty market has become a little saturated with brow products at the moment, but I think the key is actually to use as few products as possible. Using a mixture of powders, pencils, gels and waxes is just going to over-complicate things, and ain’t nobody got time for that, surely? I’d spotted BPerfect’s Semi-Permanent Brows, a kit that includes a powder with the lasting-power of a gel/cream, a double-ended brow brush and three stencils and decided to put the all-in-one kit to the test.

Bperfect 2 collage

BPerfect has four shades available in their Semi-Permanent Brow Kits, I’ve been using the shade ‘Irid Brown’ and I’ve found it to be a perfect medium-brown shade for filling in my brows. When I’m filling in my brows, half of the battle is struggling to find a good eyebrow brush.  The small, angled eyebrow brush included in the BPerfect brow kit is ideal for the job!

Next, the actual brow product – a medium-dark brow powder that’s water resistant and smudge proof.  In my opinion, powder brow products are always the easiest to master and I’d definitely recommend them for beginners! Coming in at €34, it’s slightly on the pricey end but I’ve always found that in the long-haul powder products last much longer than other types. I apply the brow powder using the small angled brush with short light strokes to fill in both my brows evenly.

bperfect 1 collage

Eyebrow shaping is a tricky technique to master but filling in your brows doesn’t get much easier than with eyebrow stencils. BPerfect’s brow kit includes three stencils for three completely different looks – thin, natural and thick. These brow stencils allow you to trace the product onto your brows much more easily than trying to shape them on your own – ending up with brows that look more like distant cousins than sisters.

It’s been a little while since I’ve loved a powder brow product but BPerfect’s Semi Permanent brows has become a new favorite of mine. Since I started using the BPerfect brow kit to fill in my brows, I have to admit that they look way less harsh than my usual look – a very soft and natural finish!

bperfect brow

Click on the link to purchase your BPerfect Semi-Permanent Brow kit.

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