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BPerfect LMD Master Palette

BPerfect LMD Master Palette!

Well what a few weeks it has been!

On Sunday  24th September the brand new BPerfect LMD Master Palette was first showcased at the Profession Beauty Show, RDS Dublin.

Fast forward a week and on Friday 29th of September the long awaited palette was launched online and SOLD OUT in 2 hours. Absolutely amazing!!!  Not only that BUT the new palette is launching into stores nationwide on Monday 9th October.

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BPerfect LMD Master Palette SOLD OUT!

So where did it all start?

The master palette was carefully created by BPerfect Managing Director Brendan McDowell and Northern Ireland’s TOP Makeup artist Louise McDonnell aka LMD make up.

LMD makeup is an extremely talented make up artist, with over 10 years experience in the beauty industry, 2 salons and a never ending list of celebrity clients requesting her flawless work.

Recent clients include Ireland’s much loved blogger ‘So Sue Me’. Louise created the perfect classic make up for Suzanne’s wedding in July this year and she looked amazing.

makeup, masterpalette, suzanne jackson, bperfect
LMD makeup perfects timeless makeup on So Sue Me’s wedding day

Those of you that follow LMD makeup will know she has been a fan of BPerfect products for the last 2 years, stocking the primer and eyebrow kits in her salons.

Brendan & Louise worked tirelessly, back and forth with the manufacturer to make sure the colours were super pigmented and high quality.

bperfect cosmetics, bperfect, lmdmakeup

What do the creators have to say?


I had been following Louise for about a year on social media and really loved her work/look.  Louise then started using some of our products and we got chatting.

In February I wanted to create a nice eye shadow palette and approached Louise about working on it together.  We brain stormed some ideas and Louise then showed me what colours she uses to create her amazing Insta looks.  We worked tirelessly back and forward with our manufacturer to make sure the colours were super pigmented and high quality.

Like the rest of the BPerfect brand I wanted it to be a little unique and I wanted it to solve a problem.  We decided that three of the colours could be used for eye shadow but also as highlight, blush and sculpt.  We made these colours bigger so a full face look could be created with one palette.

Louise was very up and coming just like the BPerfect brand so I felt it was a great time to work together.     Brendan x

lmdmakeup, bperfectcosmetics, brendanmcdowell, louise mcdonnell


I first heard about the brand BPerfect when they contacted me asking if I would like to try out a few of their products. Of course, me being a makeup artist who is obsessed with anything makeup related I dived head first into the brow powders and fell in love! Since then I have used BPerfect Cosmetics in my salons and makeup tutorials and it has never let me down.

A year or so later Brendan and I have got to know each other very well and I have alot of time for him as I know he is such a kind and genuine person.

The effort he puts into his business is so inspiring to watch.

Fast forward to February this year and Brendan asked did I want to meet for coffee! Little did I know what he was going to ask. Lol

From that day, I have continuously thought about this palette (even had nightmares about it) but I have put my heart and sole into making this a great quality product that not only makeup artists can use but everyone who loves makeup can also use.


I have used the palette every single day since I got it in my hand and can’t wait for you all to try it.     Louise xxx

bperfectcosmetics, lmdmakeup, louisemcdonnell, bperfect
The gorgeous LMD Makeup

Read more about the BPerfect LMD Master Palette here

TIP: Prep the eyelid with BPerfect BPrepared Concealer and Highlighter for the ultimate finish.

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