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Suzanne Jackson’s review – BPerfect’s semi permanent brow kit

“Hey guys,

Happy Monday!

You might remember a few months ago I tried the B Perfect Brush On Lashes Mascara from Bperfect Cosmetics?? In that post, I mentioned that I had just begun using the semi permanent brow kit from the same brand, and that I was absolutely loving it.

Well I have been using it again lately, and it’s still impressing me, so much so that lots of you have been asking on my snapchat what I have use on my brows!

The shade I use is charcoal, but there’s a total of 4 shades available so you should have no problem finding one to suit.

SoSueMe-Review-BPerfect Semi Permanent Brows
SoSueMe-Review-BPerfect Semi Permanent Brows

The powder is pretty much water-resistant and sweat proof (so it’s perfect if you want nice brows whilst gymming it!) and the kit itself comes with 3 brow stencils and a double-ended brush, though I used my own brow brush for application.

The 3 stencils will allow you to create 3 different types of looks, from subtle to glamorous so if you are unsure of how to create a nice brow shape, these should help!


SoSueMe-Review-BPerfect Semi Permanent Brows
SoSueMe-Review-BPerfect Semi Permanent Brows

What I really liked about this eyebrow kit was its pigment and its staying power. Some brow powders can give a very fake look, but this one doesn’t. It looks very natural on.

The product lasts the whole day too, and when I wear it, I often find that I don’y need to reapply it or touch it up. Once it’s on, it’s not going anywhere! It’s strong, but it does come off easily with an oil based makeup remover.

A little goes a long way with this, and it’s even said that users will get approximately 2 years from this product, so money well spent.

BUT for pigment alone though, it’s definitely worth the buy!

So Sue Me – Suzanne Jackson’s review on BPerfect’s semi permanent brow kit