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5 Makeup Products- We Can’t Live Without

We are in very uncertain times at the minute, but if there’s one thing we are certain about – it’s that we can’t live without these 5 makeup products from BPerfect Cosmetics!

Sometimes putting on a little mascara or highlighter can brighten your day instantly and give you that little boost of confidence. So here’s a quick run through of makeup-bag must-haves that are sure to put a smile on your face.

Perfect Prime

The ULTIMATE multi-use makeup product – Perfect Prime can be used as an eyeshadow priming base but it is also AMAZING as a concealer! The peachy undertone is the perfect shade for cancelling out dark circles or veins around the eyes.

Makeup product- eyeshadow primer
Perfect Primer £9.99 / €11.95

TOP TIP: If you have a few blemishes you are looking to cover up – apply Perfect Prime over top and DON’T BLEND! Leave it to dry for a few minutes and then apply your foundation overtop. Doing this give you a little extra coverage if you want it!

For more details on our Perfect Prime, check out our recent blogpost:


This is DEFINITELY a MAKEUP BAG MUST HAVE! Eyebrows play an important part in framing your face – and even if you aren’t wearing any makeup, these makeup products can give your face instant shape!

Indestructi’brow is an ultra fine pencil with a retractable non-sharpen nib that glides on – AND IT HAS A SPOOLIE BRUSH!

Makeup product- Indestructi'brow
Indestructi’brow £7.99/ €9.95

Top tip: After you’ve applied your brow pencil and you want a more blended out look – use the spoolie brush and rub it over your brow. This will blend the product effortlessly – perfect it you want a more ‘bushy brow’ look!

The best thing? It’s smudge proof & sweat proof – so no matter what activities your doing during the day, your brows will ALWAYS be on fleek!

Available in 4 colours to suit every hair colour:

  • Brown – best suited for blonde & medium brown hair
  • Dark Brown – best suited for warm blonde, dark brown hair
  • Irid Brown – best suited for blonde & brown hair with red undertones
  • Charcoal – best suited for silver, ash blonde, dark brown & black hair

For more details on our Indestruci’brow, check out our recent blogpost:

LMD Remastered Palette

This is another staple makeup product we can’t live without. A face and eye palette all-in-one, you literally don’t need anything else!

Makeup product- eyeshadow
LMD Remastered Palette £24.99/ €29.95

It includes highlighter, blush and contour shades along with 12 essential eyeshadow shades that are perfect for creating everyday makeup looks or full blown glam! One word: OBSESSED!

Bad Llama Mascara

No look is complete without mascara – whether it’s a no makeup-makeup kind of day, or you’re getting creative with colour. Mascara is an essential makeup product that transforms every look!

Makeup product- Mascara
Bad Llama £11.99/ €13.95

Bad Llama Mascara has a buildable formula designed to add dramatic length and volume to your lashes with ease. It’s also water resistant and smudge proof – what more could you ask for?!

Ellie Kelly Born Ready Lip Kits

Another set of staple makeup products in our collection! A good lip liner, lipstick & gloss combo is hard to find.. But we’ve made it easy for you! The Ellie Kelly Born Ready Lip Kits contain a long-lasting lip liner pencil, a satin finish lipstick and 1 gold infused lipgloss – EVERYTHING you need to make a killer combo!

They come in 3 shades:

  • Boo – A perfect nude with pinky beige undertones.
  • Cheeky – A sultry bright red coral.
  • Secret – A stunning warm mocha brown.

Head over to Ellie Kelly’s Youtube video to see a full run through of the colours.

Ellie Kelly
Born Ready Lip Kits £24.99/ €29.95

And guess what? You’re in luck! These lip kits are On Sale for £10 for a limited time only! You don’t wanna miss this offer.

Have you tried any of these makeup products before? Make sure you tag us in your looks @bperfectcosmetics so we can show you some love!