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200k reasons for BPerfect Cosmetics to celebrate!

Just last week, the BPerfect Cosmetics Instagram account hit a huge milestone, reaching 200,000 followers! A huge thank-you to everyone who has supported the brand since it launched back in 2013!

The BPerfect Cosmetics brand was founded by Brendan McDowell, better known these days as ‘BPerfect Brendan‘. He aspired to create a range of cosmetics that were easy to use, versatile and created to change your cosmetics routine forever!

From then, until now, the BPerfect brand has gone global! The product range has expanded from 1 product to 17 products. Including; 10 Second Tan in mousse and liquid formula, LMD Master Palette, Stacey Marie ‘Carnival’ Palette, MMMMitchell ‘Sub Zero’ Palette and Ellie Kelly ‘Born Ready Lipkits’ to name a few. Over the next few months, this will continue to expand with several new products planned to launch over the Summer months!

Taking the world of social media by storm…

Over the past 12 months, the BPerfect Instagram page has exploded! Everyday, there are hundreds of tags from people using the BPerfect products. The talent is crazy and we love to see BPerfect products incorporated into makeup looks. It’s amazing to see how far the products have travelled all around the world. Social media plays a huge part in BPerfect and we take huge pride in the content that is shared across our platforms. We truly value the importance of social media, so we can’t thank you enough for the continued support!

As a brand, we love to get to engage with all of our customers and followers. Social Media provides this platform for us to connect with people on a daily basis! From sharing daily content, having live takeovers and spotting some of the biggest names in the beauty industry just like Jeffree Star wearing BPerfect Cosmetics products we love everything about this platform!

We’re feeling nostalgic… here’s a quick look back on some Instagram posts from over the years:

Just a small snippet of the BPerfect Cosmetics journey since 2013. We have so much to celebrate with all thanks to all 200,000 (and growing) of you that are getting involved in all of the BPerfect craziness!

The BPerfect brand has become a trend setting, innovative, collaborative and a household name in the cosmetics industry. A final thanks again to everyone for their amazing support. Here’s to the next 200,000!

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